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How to pick up learning a language in four easy steps

Trust us, those skills you picked up at school aren't completely gone, you just need to build on them by doing a short course at CAE

By Time Out in association with the Centre for Adult Education

Many Aussies pick up a language during their schooling, but few continue their studies into adulthood. Whether you studied French, German, Korean, ItalianMandarin or even Latin, you can refresh your language skills at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE).

Whether you now consider yourself a novice or just need to brush up on your conversation skills, CAE's language courses are designed to help you read, speak and write in your chosen language, and learn a thing or two about the culture as well. Here are four steps towards picking up a language you haven't studied since your school years.

1. Reconnect with the language you want to learn
It's easier to stay committed to studying when you love what you're learning. So set yourself a goal to before you dive into CAE's list of language courses. Maybe you studied Spanish at school and want to brush up on your basics before a big trip through South America, or you need to do a refresher course in Mandarin before a work trip. The best part is, your CAE language course won't just be about learning tenses (though there will be a bit of that!), the course will be built around conversations on culture, film, food, art and more.

2. Get your proficiency level assessed
Before you jump into a short course, your proficiency level will be assessed by one of CAE's qualified teachers. This is to make sure that you learn at a level suited to you – from basic to expert – and get the most appropriate resources. All you need to do is provide your contact details to get your free language assessment.

3. Join a class and meet fellow language fans
CAE's foreign language classes are all no-judgement zones. Everyone's there to learn, so don't worry about getting your tenses or pronunciation wrong or mixing up your grammar: CAE's professional teachers will be there to give running feedback. Plus, rather than using an app, it's much easier to learn a new language when you have conversation buddies.  

4. Make it a fun part of your routine
Taking a CAE language course means you'll get a brand new routine in your life, and even if you don't have a trip coming up where you might be able to use your newfound skills, you can still get the satisfaction of speaking another language, perhaps at a local traditional restaurant or with friends. 

Check out the range of language courses at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) online and get your free language assessment now.

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