Bey Party at the LuWOW

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Beyoncé performing in the Super Bowl 50 half-time show

Learn how to shake it like Queen B in the Forbidden Temple

How would you feel if we told you that you could learn how to dance like Beyoncé, even if you've never taken a dance lesson in your life? 

Well, beybeys, your time has come. Founder Liz Cahalan and her crew of diva-worshipping dance teachers are supplementing their four to six-week blocks of classes with a series of Thursday and Friday-night Bey Parties. At the mystical, tiki-tastic LuWOW, you'll learn some simple Beyoncé-inspired moves that you can (and should) whip out the next time you're on the dancefloor. 

You'll get down to a different song every week – and rest assured, there's no judgement here. After all, there's more to Bey Dance than booty-popping: it's about empowerment. Who run the world?

Alternatively, check out the Bey Dance webpage for info on their non-casual classes (four to eight week intensives where you'll learn all of the moves necessary to nail one of Bey's dance routines).   


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