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Bill Murray in Lost in Translation
Photograph: Lost in Translation

Head along to a Bill Murray celebration at Howler this January

Are you a fan of American comedian Bill Murray? Have you seen Groundhog Day that many times you feel like you’ve lived it? Have you obsessed over what exactly Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation? Are you holding out hope that one day you’ll meet him IRL and he’ll do something so unbelievably weird and cool, you’ll tell all your friends about it for years to come? Yeah, us too.

This month you’ll be able to celebrate the funny man himself at Howler’s Bill Murraython.  

The Brunswick bar will be screening a bunch of films over the weekend to celebrate Murray. Punters will be able to immerse themselves in some of Murray’s best films at Howler’s bean bag cinema and be taken into a transformed world they’re calling the ‘Bill Murray House of Worship’.

The event will be curated by Melbourne creative collective Tastemakers – and it isn’t the first time these guys have swept Howler up in cinematic furore. Last year they celebrated the launch of new Twin Peaks episodes by turning the bar into David Lynch’s famous Black Lodge, and they also threw an epic Back to the Future themed party for the Cup Day long weekend.

Howler will be screening Rushmore on Thursday January 4, Ghostbusters on Saturday January 6 and Lost in Translation on Sunday January 7. You can grab tickets online here.

By: Rebecca Russo

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