Closet: "I'm so gay, dude" edition

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Kirsten Stewart

The coolest LGBTIQ party in town is pulling out all the stops for the long weekend

From Twilight to broody queer mascot, Kirsten Stewart has come a long way from her beginnings as leading lady of a weird vampire-human-werewolf love triangle. Lately, she's been in indie films like Certain Women and hosting Saturday Night Live, where she roasted President Donald Trump for once sending out many tweets about past drama involving we Twilights co-star Robert Pattinson.

She is also being celebrated in all her broody glory by Melbourne queer party kids Closet at their massive Labour Day long weekend party this Friday. Expect DJs Salvador Darling, Luke Agius, JLAW and ReneeDelay for some sick beats to take you into the three-day weekend. 

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