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  1. A woman lies in a bunk bed, bathed in red light. She wears headphones.
    Photographer: Mihaela Bodlovic
  2. A shipping container is filled with bunk beds. People lay in the beds bathed in red light.
    Photographer: Mihaela Bodlovic

Time Out says

Immersive in-the-dark experience, Darkfield, brings a new theme to town - and this time, you're in a coma

Are you scared of the idea of being trapped inside your body? Hearing people around you making decisions, talking about you, without being able to respond? Well this may (or may not) be your next opportunity to confront your fears.

Coma is the latest immersive sound experience from Melbourne company Realscape Productions, the team behind the brilliantly scary Séance, which has had two successful runs in Melbourne. That experience was legitimately terrifying, conjuring up nefarious spirits inside a shipping container using nothing but cutting edge 3D sound design and some lowkey seat vibrations. 

We don't know exactly what to expect from Coma, and that's part of the fun. What we do know is that the shipping container has been fitted out with medical-style bunk beds, and we're told that "the moment of waking is actually when your dream begins". All we can really hope for is that we're alive when we emerge, but judging by the recommendation to "take your body with you when you leave," we're not exactly hopeful.

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Written by
Bianca O'Neill


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