Cooking masterclass from Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients

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Jamie Oliver cooking
Photograph: Creative Commons

Learn to cook like Jamie Oliver at the Prahran Market this March

Forget recipes with tons of complicated steps and hard-to-find components – for some of the best dishes five ingredients are all you need. No one knows that better than British superstar chef Jamie Oliver – and the Prahran Market is offering a masterclass in how to cook some of the most delicious dishes from Jamie's famous 5 Ingredients cookbook. Australian chef Tobie Puttock will teach wannabe kitchen whizzes how to make a meat dish, a vegetable dish and a dessert, each with just five ingredients.

The classes will run throughout March, and attendees will take home an apron and a bottle of wine, as well as eating their creations. Money raised will go to support Jamie's Ministry of Food program, which aims to educate people on the benefits of cooking with fresh food, and his Learn Your Fruit and Veg program, a food literacy program for children. 

Aspiring chefs are welcome, with the classes open to anyone aged 12 and up. 


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