Day of the Donut

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Doughboy Doughnuts
Photograph: Amanda Summons

A doughnut festival behind the team from Flour Market

The team behind the Flour Market is bringing you a bake sale dedicated to doughnuts in May. The doughnut sale will be short and sweet, running only between 5-7pm on May 17 at Melbourne Central, but no doubt there will be plenty of doughy goodness to stuff yourself with. Make sure you get in early to score some holey delights. 

Expect doughnuts from:
Ahhh Donuts
All Day Donuts
Ascot Vale Food Store
Baker D Chirico
Bistro Morgan
Candied Bakery
Cobb Lane
Doughboys Doughnuts
Shortstop Melbourne
St Gerry's

You can find the doughnut market in Melbourne Central on the Level 2 Link Bridge.

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