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Tinder not for you? This 'slow dating' event in an Abbotsford garden might do the trick

There are so many dating apps to choose from these days, but sometimes you have to back to basics and meet people the good old fashioned way, like a spot of gardening. FareShare, a not-for-profit organisation that cooks free, nutritious meals every day for charities, is putting their kitchen garden to good use by hosting a 'slow dating' event among the greenery. 

The Companion Planting event will be an excellent place to meet fellow green thumbs (though chronic plant killers are also welcome), let love bloom, as well as help raise funds for the kitchen garden, which supplies FareShare with fresh vegies daily. The garden dating afternoon is aiming to attract 30 singles digging for a new love interest. They're currently after those aged between 32-47, but hit up the FareShare crew if you're interested in a session for younger (or even older!) gardeners.

Fun fact: if you didn't get the gardening reference in the event title, companion planting refers to the practice of growing complimentary plants together to help growth. For example, basil and tomatoes not only taste good together, they're also besties in your garden.  

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