Garlic Bread Festival

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Generic garlic bread
Photograph: Creative Commons

Welcome to Thornbury is paying homage to the king of breads

Why there's not a statue of the first person to smear garlicky butter on bread eludes us. Welcome to Thornbury is at least giving garlic bread the full fanfare it deserves. On Saturday March 10 the food truck park is hosting a garlic bread festival to sate your garlic-carb cravings.

As all good g-bread connoisseurs know, garlic bread comes in many forms and Welcome to Thornbury agrees. The festival will have traditional garlic bread as well as some more experimental variations – think garlic naan tacos and garlic bread burgers. The food trucks booked into the day so far include SPQR Pizzeria, Sizzling Sausage, Dr Sous, Mr Burger and Curry Up Now. As usual Welcome to Thornbury will also be slinging beer and wine all day and dogs are warmly welcomed.

Bring your appetites and your breath mints.

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