I Love Coriander Weekend

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coriander love or hate
Photograph: Creative Commons

Celebrate one of the world’s most divisive herbs with a weekend of coriander-topped food

There are two types of people in the world: those who like coriander and those who think it is a soapy devil-herb. If you’re the latter stop reading now because the Ascot Lot is throwing a three-day party all about coriander.

From June 15 to 17 the drinking hall and food truck park will be filled with vans hawking their very best coriander-laden dishes for I Love Coriander Weekend. We’re talking tacos, pho, banh mi and more. Want to enjoy the food without the coriander? Well, go somewhere else, because all food trucks have been put on notice for the party, with absolutely every dish coming topped with the frilly, green, relationship-testing herb.

For a whole new way to enjoy coriander try the Ascot Lot’s pink grapefruit and coriander Martini, made with Patient Wolf gin. Guests will also receive coriander-stuffed showbags and there’ll be a coriander photobooth to openly declare your love for the plant.

I Love Coriander Weekend is on from June 15 to 17. Dogs and children are welcome, so long as they also love coriander.

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