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  1. IKEA Sleep Ship
    Photograph: SuppliedIKEA Sleep Ship
  2. IKEA Slow TV channel narrators Kent and Sara Eriksson
    Photograph: SuppliedSlow TV channel narrators Kent and Sara Eriksson

IKEA launches an Australian Slow TV channel

The furniture giant invites you to watch a live stream of new products on a ‘Sleep Ship’ to Australia... and if you fall asleep watching it, so much the better

By Time Out in association with IKEA

IKEA caused a bit of a stir in marketing circles a couple of years ago with its series of deliberately boring YouTube commercials. These included a teenager doing the dishes for five minutes, a couple on a couch kissing in front of a TV for eight, and some young people arm wrestling for six. The ads played in front of YouTube content and many people skipped them, but they also garnered a cult following of joyfully disbelieving fans.

The ads were inspired by the Scandinavian trend of ‘Slow TV’ in which almost nothing happens – designed as an antidote to our over-stimulated lives (some cool examples of Slow TV screened on SBS last summer). Now, IKEA is using the phenomenon as a way of promoting their new 2020 catalogue. They have launched an Australian Slow TV channel live streaming the 14-day (336-hour) journey of its products in shipping containers on board a ship to Australia.

The channel, which in perfect Nordic understatement IKEA says  “does not aim to excite”, is narrated by Kent and Sara Eriksson, narrators of the original IKEA Sleep PodcastThe Swedes are reading from the new IKEA catalogue with the sound of waves gently crashing against the ship’s stern in the background.

Sounds a bit – well, dull, right? And that’s exactly the point. IKEA say they want to help Australians get a good night’s sleep, and watching this YouTube channel may indeed have that exact effect. And if you’re inspired to go buy a new IKEA bed to do it on, well that’s entirely up to you.

The channel launched on Thursday September 12, and the voyage will end on September 26, which is when IKEA will launch the IKEA Festival of Sleep, a 12-day event at their stores during which they plan to tackle our sleeping problems.

Find out more information on the IKEA Sleep Ship and the IKEA Festival of Sleep.

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