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Lunchtime Learnings flower arranging

Escape the daily grind with Lunchtime Learnings in November

Unchain yourself from the desk with Lunchtime Learnings' creative 20-minute workshop sessions to shake up your lunch break. Every Thursday and Friday in November, grab some lunch and head over to an innovative class which teaches handy life and creative skills to show off back in the office.

Over four weeks, Lunchtime Learnings will host flower arrangement, terrarium designing, cookie decorating and wreath-making classes. Taught by Melbourne’s specialist design instructors from The Flower School, Home-Work and Miss Biscuit, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can pick up a new talent.

The classes will be handy for Christmas gift making and will add an extra flair to your holiday celebrations. Located in Midtown Melbourne’s art deco setting, the lunchtime workshops' central location make them the perfect opportunity for a mid-work day getaway.

With regular lunch breaks making workers more productive and rested, it’s about time to stop staring out the window and start filling your work days with out of the ordinary activities.

By: Jay Smiles


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