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Sun Theatre are screening 17 of Marvel’s blockbuster films over three big weeks

It might feel like Marvel has been making movies forever but nope, it’s only been a decade. And what a decade it’s been. Since releasing Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios have churned out 20 films to date (and don’t think we’re not excited for Brie Larson in Captain Marvel next year) as well as become so popular in Australia that Disney has signed a partnership to rename Etihad Stadium as Marvel Stadium.

To celebrate the success of the Marvel movie behemoth, Sun Theatre in Yarraville is showing 17 of Marvel’s films in chronological order starting Saturday, August 25. This is your chance to relive the franchise’s cast of superheroes and whiz-bang CGI on the big screen.

Over four weekends the marathon will screen every Marvel film except for The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man: Homecoming or Ant-Man and the Wasp. Tickets are $12 for a single film or you can set yourself up with a day or marathon pass for $40 to $150 (available from the box office).

By: Nicola Dowse


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