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Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship

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  1. Man struggling mentally from the chilli he has just consumed.
    Photograph: Supplied / B.East
  2. An audience watching competitors in a chilli eating competition at the B.East.
    Photograph: Supplied / B.East
  3. Crowds of spectators gathered around the B.East for a chilli eating competition.
    Photograph: Supplied / the B.East
  4. Spectators cheering for the trophy-carrying champion at the B.East's chilli eating competition.
    Photograph: Supplied / the B.East

Time Out says

Prove you can handle the hot stuff at this very spicy comp

If you're the type who douses every meal in Sriracha, then listen up – Lygon Street burger bar B.East has partnered up with the folks at Melbourne Hot Sauce to host its ninth annual red hot chilli eating competition on Saturday, March 2.

Kicking off from noon, a group of 24 fiery warriors will compete against one another, making their way up the Scoville chart. Watch as they chow down on Trididad Scorpions, Ghost Chilli, the Naga Viper and ultimately, the infamous Caroline Reaper, which comes in at a whopping 2.5 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The level of heat is so extreme that competitors are required to wear gloves when consuming the chillis – and St John’s Ambulance will be on standby. 

If that doesn't sound terrifying enough, contestants will not be allowed access to beer or milk to take away the pain. But it's not all tears and tantrums. Winners of each round will go head-to-head until only the champion remains, with the iron-stomached freak of nature taking home plenty of cash and prizes – and everlasting fame, of course!

Past competitors include Greg Barlow, who was once an amateur but is now the Southern Hemisphere's reigning chilli champion. For context, Barlow broke the record for most Carolina Reapers swallowed in one sitting when he ate almost one kilogram of the bad boys. Now, that's impressive.

This year’s theme is ‘Spicy Australiana’, and there’ll be a speciality chilli-inspired food and beverage menu by the Beast, stalls, live band karaoke and the ‘World’s Hottest Snag Sizzle’ with local artisan sausages. There’ll also be a surprise celebrity round happening (details soon to be announced) – with celebs donating a cash prize to their nominated charity. Plus, there’ll be live band karaoke. Dress ups are encouraged at the event, with prizes to be won for the best costume.

Entry is free, and you can find more information through the website.  

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Lauren Dinse
Written by
Lauren Dinse


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