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  1. Two people bowling
    Photograph: Supplied/Funlab
  2. A neon lit arcade
    Photograph: Supplied/Funlab
  3. A Simpsons themed mini golf hole
    Photograph: Supplied/Funlab
  4. A neon sign reading 'ready to putt loose' next to a chandelier
    Photograph: Supplied/Funlab
  5. Two people back to back with VR headsets and guns
    Photograph: Supplied/Funlab

Moorabbin scores a hole-in-one with the launch of Holey Moley and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

This dynamic duo of entertainment venues are opening in Moorabbin’s Morris Moor precinct

By Ashleigh Hastings for Time Out in association with Funlab

Holey Moley and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq are two of Australia’s most famous competitive entertainment venues, known for their highly instagrammable mini golf sets and high-energy neon surrounds respectively. As if one of these popular entertainment destinations wasn’t enough to keep you and your friends or family giggling for hours, Funlab is bringing both Holey Moley and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq to Moorabbin’s Morris Moor precinct. 

The dazzling new combined venue promises to provide a whirlwind of heart-pounding experiences. With an impressive capacity of up to 400 people, a visit to this new entertainment hub should make for an action-packed day or night out for all ages. 

Try your luck on 18 holes of mini golf at Holey Moley or let loose on the arcades, all within the same precinct. Follow the activities where your mood takes you, whether that’s scoring a strike on the bowling lanes or singing hits at karaoke. You can also challenge your friends to a virtual reality battle at Zero Latency, a new free roam virtual reality experience housed within the precinct. 

Funlab’s new combined complex will open its doors on Friday, November 17. However, if you’re keen to get in first you can pre-book now using the respective websites. Here are the juicy details on each attraction.

Holey Moley

This famous mini golf experience has taken Australia by storm thanks to its distinctive themed holes. Our favourites are ‘742 Simpsons Evergreen Terrace and ‘Hole 9&¾’. You can also get zappy with the ‘Zappy as Larry’ hole, just don’t let the surroundings distract you from taking your shot.

Zero Latency

Peer into this cutting edge virtual reality experience from the viewing platform in the main complex. Zero Latency’s best-in-class virtual reality experiences allow up to eight players at a time and everyone can compete for scores and rankings. The 30 minute games including ‘Undead Arena’ and ‘Far Cry’ VR are intuitive to play, so you won’t need any previous gaming experience to have a great time.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Step right up to a sensory extravaganza at this kaleidoscopic arcade wonderland. You can expect bright lights, bowling lanes, 3D experiences and bowling lanes. There are also the classic games you know and love such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and Tyco Drums.

Funlab CEO Michael Schreiber says the new venue is the ultimate hub for all ages, allowing everyone to let their hair down, enjoy quality time with friends, family and colleagues, all while spicing it up with a healthy dose of competitive socialising. 

“We've established a one-stop destination for unforgettable, exhilarating experiences suitable for individuals of all ages. Whether you're a youngster, a family, or a young adult seeking energetic moments, our Moorabbin precinct caters to everyone's tastes”, Schreiber says.

Find out more at the Funlab website.

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