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Pet Chickens SLOP
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Poppy, Nonna, Nacho, Wednesday, Velma and Daphne

"Our owner knitted some special outfits for us to keep us warm"

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These six ladies all live with their owner Avalon Westcott in Aspendale in Melbourne’s south. While Avalon is hard at work at the Grand Illusion Tattoo Studio in Malvern, this flock get up to all sorts of adventures. With strong personalities, these ladies really do rule the roost

What do you guys like to eat?
Nonna: In winter we love a hot breakfast so Avalon is kind enough to warm up some oats or rice for us. I know this sounds weird, but we also eat our own eggs. I know some people think this is gross but our eggs are a quality product and who better to eat them than us, the ones who did the hard work laying them?

True. So you feel the cold?
Poppy: We sure do. That’s why Avalon lets us sleep inside sometimes. If it’s cold, she makes us a bed out of a laundry basket and we get to sleep inside near the fire (but not too close lest we become charcoal chickens). She also has some special knitted outfits for us. They keep us warm during Melbourne’s brutal winters.

You get to eat warm breakfasts and wear clothes; what other human things do you get to do?
Wednesday: I’m special because I get haircuts. I’m a black Silkie, which means I look different to the rest. Sometimes my ’fro gets a bit out of control, so Avalon gives it a trim so I can see a little better. I think the others are secretly jealous of my look.

Who wouldn’t be?
Wednesday: I know. I’m pretty fabulous.

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