ROC Race

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A woman sliding down a giant slide on a blow-up tube
Photograph: Alex Yakimov

The ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) Race is back, and more insane than ever

If you're not across ROC Race, then perhaps you've seen Wipeout: a TV show where brave (or misguided) constants run, jump and bellyflop their way through a giant obstacle course. 

Now it's your time to experience the madness for yourself. After a super successful Australian summer tour last year, ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) Race is back, and filled with more crazy surprises than ever. Intrepid individuals can expect a Leap of Faith (a three-metre free-fall), the infamous Wrecking Balls (giant moving red balls that want you off the ledge and into a pool) and The Hippo; a four-storey tall inflatable waterslide. And that's just scratching the surface. 

Keen to see what you're made of? Visit the website for more details. Tickets have been selling out well before the event, so make sure you get in fast.

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