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Emma Louise with Scout the Dog SLOP
Photograph: Graham Denholm


"I love a bit of luxury but I'm a tomboy at heart"

By Native Advertising

When Scout the Yorkshire Terrier was a puppy, she was about the same size as the hand of her owner, singer-songwriter Emma Louise. Two and a half years later, Scout is a little bit bigger and a little bit bolder.

Do you spend much time outside, Scout?
No way – I’m much more of an indoor girl. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like adventures! Emma and I live in Northcote and we love going to cafés together. When she flies up to Sydney, I get to travel in the pet transport area underneath. I’ll let you in on a secret: that’s where the real first class is.

So you’re into the finer things in life?
I love a bit of luxury, but really I’m a tomboy at heart. Other Yorkshire Terriers have long hair and wear bows, but I like my hair short. If it’s cold I rock a down coat – none of that frilly business! That said, Emma did buy me a bumblebee outfit, which I’m quite partial to.

You’re a bit of a hit on Instagram, we hear.
The camera loves me, what can I say? Emma likes taking my photo, and I like being there for her when she needs a friend, or gets stuck for inspiration. We’re a good team.

You can catch Emma Louise performing her second album Supercry (out now) at the Workers Club in Geelong on Friday October 7 and the Corner Hotel in Richmond on Saturday October 8

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