This Book Will Change Your Life

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This Book Will Change Your Life

Find out how you can lighten your existential load with books

UK author Susan Elderkin learned an important life lesson when she read Winnie the Pooh as a kid – don't gorge yourself at a mate's place. That critical childhood realisation also planted the seed for her to co-found bibliotherapy, the modality in which books are prescribed to cure your worldly ills.

Elderkin now offers bibliotherapy out of the School of Life's London office and has co-authored The Novel Cure: An A-Z of Literary Remedies, a tome identifying common ailments (everything from alcoholism to a broken heart) and books to alleviate them.

In this seminar for Melbourne's School of Life, Elderkin will talk about how books can lend perspective and give us insight into our souls. Elderkin will be joined by the Melbourne's own School of Life bibliotherapists, Nina Killham and Sonya Tsakalakis.

Check out our interview with Tsalakis for more info about bibliotherapy or contact the School of Life to sort out an appointment ASAP to get your own literary cure.   


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