Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 25th anniversary

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Twin Peaks Fire Walk WIth Me

25 years have passed... revisit the mysterious town

Last we saw her in Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer mysteriously said "I'll see you again in 25 years". Well, that time is up, and Astor Theatre is revisiting Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 25 years after it was originally released, before the new Twin Peaks show David Lynch promised us for sometime this year.

Fire Walk With Me was the badly received prequel feature to the Twin Peaks television show, and follows the last days of high school student Laura Palmer's double life before she was found dead at the start of the cult series. While we wait for some fresh Twin Peaks material, this spooky screening will be just the thing to remind you of the horrific genius that is Twin Peaks

Polyester Records will also be selling a limited amount of the Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl ahead of the Astor Theatre screening, so get them while they're hot!

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