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Lake Tyrrell

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  1. Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria
    Photograph: Anne Morley
  2. Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria
    Photograph: Parks Victoria
  3. Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria
    Photograph: Parks Victoria
  4. Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria
    Photograph: Parks Victoria

Time Out says

Have you visited Victoria’s largest salt lake yet?

Located in north-west Victoria, about four hours from Melbourne, is Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s largest inland salt lake. Not only is this incredible lake real, but you'll probably be kicking yourself for not knowing about it sooner. 

Covering approximately 208 square kilometres, the lake’s salt is controlled mostly by weather changes. About a metre of water can fill up the basin in cooler and wetter months, but the water almost completely evaporates over summer. The best time to visit would be on a clear winter’s evening when shallow water covers the lake, producing amazing and vast reflections of the sky above.  

During particularly wet and warm times of year, the water at Lake Tyrrell turns pink. This is because of the red pigment that’s secreted by pink micro-algae called red marine phytoplankton.

The name Tyrrell comes from the Aboriginal word ‘tyrille’, which means sky or space. The local Indigenous Boorong people of Sea Lake are known for their astronomical traditions, with the night sky reflecting ages-old traditions and history.

The area is often visited by local fauna, including Mallee reptiles, kangaroos, emus, as well as birds like white-fronted chats and seagulls. No open fires are allowed near the lake, and it’s imperative that you do not camp or drive on the lake bed.

Rebecca Russo
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Rebecca Russo


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