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The best time to visit Miami for the perfect getaway

What's on the agenda—chill, party, shop, play? Our seasonal breakdown of the best time to visit Miami will help you plan.


Most people think the seasons don’t change in Miami or that it’s just one long summer spell here. But that’s not entirely true. While our year-round sunshine makes going to one of the Miami beaches a thing you can do pretty much 365 days a year, what most people don’t account for is the rain. Miami can get pretty soggy, not to mention there’s a little something called hurricane season, which brings even bigger storms to these parts.

Something else to keep in mind when you’re visiting Miami are the tourists. Maybe you’re one of those people—hi! We like you but at certain times of the year there seem to be way too many of you, and that can be problematic for things like traffic and finding a room at one of the best South Beach hotels. So if you’re the type who likes to avoid crowds, you might want to read on.

Our guide to the best time to visit Miami isn’t comprehensive but the season-by-season breakdown should provide some needed guidance before you book. You’ll notice that while summer is oppressively hot and likely rain, it’s also less busy and, in turn, less expensive. Winter in Miami is glorious, and that’s when most of the snowbirds and out-of-towners descend on the city.

Whether you’re looking to party it up at the best Miami clubs or keep it lowkey with a few days on the sand, this guide to the best time to visit Miami will help you nail your next vacation in paradise.

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When to visit Miami


Spring is our last real streak of great weather before the steaming hot summer arrives. A generally moderate climate can make for some absolutely gorgeous days—ideal for folks coming to Miami for the beach, fishing or other outdoorsy stuff.

Spring also boasts Miami Music Week (and Ultra Music Festival), a massive gathering of every DJ you can imagine, which happens right at the beginning of spring (around March 20 to March 25). After that, our events schedule starts to cool down but the city remains pretty active.


Miami has a love/hate relationship with summer. It’s the city’s slow season, especially for hospitality. Restaurants and nightlife crowds decline significantly as tourists go back home. It also gets really, really hot and humid. July is the hottest month in Miami with an average temperature of 82°F (and you always have to be alert during hurricane season).

Are there perks? Sure. You won’t have to put up with big crowds like you might in winter. Getting a seat at Miami’s hottest restaurants is a breeze, especially during August and September, when the city-wide Miami Spice promotion arrives, offering fixed prices for dinner and lunch at some really fancy joints. If ogling bikini-clad models and rubbing shoulder with influencers is your thing, Miami Swim Week heats up the city every July.



As the humid blanket of summer begins to lift, Miami comes to life again. Parties and restaurants begin to fill up, while touring acts from major headliners to smaller indie acts grace our various-sized music venues.

Locals mix with a growing tourist crowd and it all ends with the absolute biggest annual event Miami has to offer: Art Basel Miami Beach (also known now as Miami Art Week), which invades the city in December 2022. Whether you’re in it for the flood of exhibits, the exclusive parties or the flagship show at the Miami Beach Convention Center, you’ll find something to do during Basel season.


Winter is the most popular time of year to visit Miami for obvious reasons. While the rest of the country freezes, it stays near-perfect in Miami. We’ll get some chilly cold fronts (at least by our standards) but most days are still just right for the beach or an outdoor happy hour.

While winter falls in a gap between high-profile Art Basel and party-centric Miami Music Week, expect no shortage of things to do and cute sights like boulevards of palm trees wrapped in festive lights. The city really takes advantage of its annual boom in population, and every year brings something new. Just be wary of those snowbird drivers crowding the roads.


Hurricane season

Hurricane season in Miami overlaps spring, summer and fall, starting June 1 and ending November 30. In other words, the Atlantic hurricane season is long. Storms are frequent but not always aggressive, though 2022 preseason forecasts predict an above-average season with 17 to 21 named storms, 7 to 9 hurricanes and 3 to 5 major hurricanes. Hurricanes arrive with some notice so if your trip is booked and potentially a wash due to an upcoming storm, there's always the option to postpone.


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