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Rosélys Restaurant
Photograph: Rosélys Restaurant

The best buffets in Montreal

From Brazilian steakhouses to weekend brunch options, these are the best buffets in Montreal serving top quality options

Written by
JP Karwacki
Myreille Simard
Isa Tousignant

UPDATE, spring 2023: While you should never skip out on trying the best new restaurants in town, the best buffets in Montreal never go out of style. Don’t settle for dried-out dinners and soggy eats from steamtables; you’ll find a wide variety of all-you-can-options here, ranging from the best steakhouses and sushi restaurants to solid bets for brunch and reliable restaurants in Chinatown. Each have their own specialty where you can get a serious bang for your buck. Read on to find out where you can fill on a decent bill. 

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Sushi St-Denis
Photograph: Sushi St-Denis / @sushistdenis

1. Sushi St-Denis

If you’re the type who can’t get enough sushi in a single setting, this all-you-can-eat option’s the best of the best to fill up on dozens of rolls and appetizers until your stomach can handle another bite. Seaweed salad, specialty makis, sashimi; the sheer quality and variety here are just what you need for a full feast. And if you brought someone who needs a break from nori, rice and fish? The stir-fry and soups make just as good of an option when eating here.

Pavilion 67
Photograph: Martin Girard / © Société des Casinos du Québec

2. Pavilion 67

Located at the Casino de Montréal, this buffet full of fine dining-quality eats proves that the slow machines and poker tables aren’t the only reason to go. Offering high-calibre options like lobster bisque, superb desserts, smoked salmon, aged beef and more, everything gets cut and prepared before you here. Our favourite part? Hitting up the raclette cheese station that’s only operational on Monday nights.

Le Milsa
Photograph: Le Milsa /

3. Le Milsa

A trip to this Brazilian steakhouse’s all-you-can-eat is made all the better when considering it’s one of the best steakhouses in Montreal. The charrascos here—a Brazilian classic—are a must, where meats like filet mignon, lamb, chicken and homemade sausages are grilled to perfection and served directly to you table on the spit. All you need to do is ask for more as you watch live samba performances. If you’ve got in you after indulging, get up and join the dancers to help you digest.

Photograph: © Sofitel Montréal Le Carré Doré / Renoir

4. Renoir

The Sunday brunch at the Renoir of the Sofitel Hotel is everything a foodie can dream of. One glance at the European-style buffet conceived by the French chef Olivier Perret is enough to get your appetite up and eager. From bison and prosciutto mozzarella tartine and Bellevue salmon to trays weighted with oysters and potato mousseline with truffles, the only thing better than the dining options are pairing your choices with some freshly squeezed juice and a good latte.

Photograph: Rosélys Restaurant

5. Rosélys

Montrealers love to grab brunch on Sundays, and any real foodie will tell you that the Fairmont Hotel Queen Elizabeth’s brunch is the pinnacle. Every Sunday, Rosélys keeps the morning-to-late-afternoon tradition alive with their five-star buffet that comes with a tartare bar, Benedict eggs on demand, smoothies, piles of pancakes, fresh seafood arrivals and specialty coffees. Situated in a space that sports from swanky décor, our only additional recommendation is that you book yourself a table ahead of time. This is an exceedingly popular option in town.

Photograph: Poutineville / @poutineville

6. Poutineville

Forget heading home to make dinner and eat poutine at will at this popular poutine chain, a benchmark for eating the Québec classic in Montreal. Whether you love a classic with curds and brown sauce or something a bit more eccentric, you’ve got to try the veritable poutine orgy that happens here every Tuesday at 5pm with several high-end options including filet mignon and blue cheese. As opposed to making poutine the thing you hunt down after a night out, you’ll find a nice selection of cask beers here for a one-stop night on the town.

Poulet 3 Pattes
Photograph: @poulet3pattes

7. Poulet 3 Pattes

Let's be real: There is no better chicken on earth than Portuguese-style chicken. Crispy and juicy, eaten on its own soaked in a succulent piri-piri sauce, it's pure bliss. Poulet 3 pattes, one of the restaurants with the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal, has been a major favourite for Rosemont residents for a long time for its recipes and heaps of chicken and fries served every Sunday. For only $15, you can get yourself an all-you-can-eat affair that serves up a good option for those who didn’t wake up in time for brunch. Just save yourself some space for their poutines topped with chicken, pork and chorizo.

Zoé Fondues Karaoké & Cocktails
Photograph: Stéphane Chaput

8. Zoé Fondues Karaoké & Cocktails

This restaurant and bar in Saint-Michel is a unique place in town and one of our well-kept secrets for the best karaoke bars in Montreal. Here, the unlikely pairing of karaoke and fondue makes for a surprisingly winning duo to eat and sing until 3am. Starting at 8pm, anyone willing to sing will get the party up and going while a long menu of colorful cocktails is served to cheering crowds singing along and eating their all-you-can-eat Chinese fondue with beef and chicken, sided with salads, baked potatoes and other fixings.


9. La Piazza

The hardest thing here is to choose: will you do the Saturday night buffet, complete with roast beef station, or pick the Sunday brunch buffet instead, with ham on the bone, bread bar and omelettes made to measure? Both will set you back nearly a C-note, and will be worth every penny—and the trip out to Laval. The setting alone, in this beautifully renovated Sheraton hotel, will make you feel like a bad bitch who deserves their place at this Italian house of plenty. Wear your boldest jewels and don’t skip the mini sfogliatelle.

10. Resto Vego

This casual vegetarian buffet in Quartier Latin is a great spot for before a show in nearby Quartier des Spectacles. It’s not strictly an all-you-can-eat—as in yes, you can eat it all, but will pay for it. They charge you based on the weight of your food, but it’s got all the perks of other buffets in that you can choose from an array of tasty offerings and fill up on exactly what you want, no more, no less.


11. Fisshu 

A fave among the students at Concordia University, this all-you-can-eat sushi joint is a fun time when you really want to push the boat out. Fill up on fish, BYOB sake and gossip all at once and make it a night to remember by spending all that energy at some cheesy club on Crescent!

Photograph: InterContinental Montréal | Osco!

12.  Osco!

There’s something  about a hotel breakfast that makes you feel like a world traveller even if you just came over on the metro. Osco! is a posh place to start any day, so treat yourself to breakfast here and pair a plate of your choice—eggs Benny with bacon and mushrooms, mayhaps?—with access to the alluring cold buffet. Fruit salad, yogurt parfaits, baked goods aplenty… it all awaits you at the Intercontinental.


13. Jardin de Jade

Is it the finest Chinese restaurant Montreal has to offer? No, no it isn’t. Is it a guaranteed good time every time? Yes. An absolute landmark on de la Gauchetière in Chinatown, Jardin de Jade is a world where mountains of egg rolls, sweet’n’sour spare ribs, General Tao chicken and fried noodles await gleeful plucking. The vast dining room is well cozy, so grab your best buds, saddle up in your stretchy pants and order a couple of Tsing Taos to go with your endless feast.

14.  HoHo BBQ Coréen

Whoever thought to combine Korean BBQ and all-you-can-eat buffet deserves our thanks. Previously a branch of the Mon Ami chain, HoHo is good for more than a laugh—it’s great for its buffet, for instance. Pick from an extensive menu, from BBQ to classic dishes like dukbokki, ramen and seafood pancakes, and have your fill. Best thing is, kiddos under 3 eat for free.

Vieux-Port Steakhouse
Photograph: Gray Collection | Vieux-Port Steakhouse

15. Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Pair your weekend morning brunch with a little live jazz at this old school Old Montréal steakhouse. Pick one of the alluring mains (could be steak and eggs, could be lobster linguini—your choice!) and help yourself to the gourmet buffet table for all the sides, sweets and accoutrements you could want. Only on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

16. Sawadika

Nestled in industrial Ville St-Laurent, Sawadika serves up all-you-can-eat Thai and Szechuan food all week, for lunch or dinner, in a relaxing, sunnily decorated environment with palm wallpaper and bamboo lanterns. Dig into papaya salad with impunity, green curry galore, pad Thai for days—plus it’s a BYOB.

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