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Do New Yorkers pay the most for babysitting?

Do New Yorkers pay the most for babysitting?
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New Yorkers are used to spending a premium on life. Everything from real estate, to dining out, to even our Uber rides can cost considerably more—and those extra added pennies go double (or triple!) if you're a parent. So, it's not particularly surprising to hear that Gotham moms and dads pay some of the highest prices in the country for caregivers. However, the next time you use a sitter for date night, take comfort knowing you could be paying higher. 

According to the Urbansitter's 2017 National Childcare Rate Survey the highest going rate for babysitters in the United States is in San Francisco where parents reported paying, on average, $17.34 for one child, $19.79 for two and $22.21 for three per hour. However, New York was not far behind as the second most expensive, especially when it came to two children, with an average of $16.89 for one, $19.66 for two, and $21.47 for three per hour.  

The survey focused on nine major American markets across the country and found the national average to be $15.20 for one, $17.34 for two and $19.37 for three. The lowest prices were enjoyed by families living off the coasts: Chicago parents paid $13.94–$17.39 and Denver, the cheapest city surveyed, ranged from $12.22–$16.71.

Another not surprising find from the survey was parents willingness to spend extra for holiday coverage. Which, should be your gentle reminder to book your caregiver soon...check out some helpful babysitter services!

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