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Whoa! A unicorn horn headband shop is opening in Park Slope

Written by
Dorkys Ramos

If you’ve ever wanted to let your inner unicorn come out and play, you've come to the right place. This magical Brooklyn store was made just for you! On May 6, Brooklyn Owl, a company that focuses on handmade unicorn horns and other accessories, will open the doors to its first brick-and-mortar shop in Park Slope (252 Flatbush Ave), and it’s set to be so much more delicious than a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.

Owner Annie Bruce first launched Brooklyn Owl in 2010 with cute animal hair clips made of felt, but when her daughter Bee requested a unicorn-themed birthday party for her fourth birthday and she saw how much praise her handmade unicorn horns received, Bruce decided to take to the skies with her new product.

A Park Slope resident herself, Bruce has seen her company blossom from an online storefront on Etsy to having her unicorn horns sold in more than 200 shops around the world. Now Brooklyn Owl will have its own boutique shop, but it will offer more than sparkly unicorn horns headbands, clothing and other accessories; its goal is to create an entire experience as shoppers make their metamorphosis from mere mortal to unstoppable unicorn.

"Every time we would do a pop up shop or local craft fair we would have such a fun time talking to our customers and turning people into unicorns that we knew Brooklyn Owl should have its own space," Bruce said.

Photograph: Courtesy Brooklyn Owl

On opening day, a scavenger hunt will have kids searching for hidden messages around the shop; a mirror lights up and congratulates them on their successful unicorn transformation at the end. They’ll also get to take photos with a giant unicorn head and witness some of the magic that goes into creating these horn headbands as Bruce’s design studio will be located in the back of the store. Limited edition unicorn horns will be made in small batches on location and will only be available in the shop. Smelling magic in the air yet? Funny enough, Brooklyn Owl also produces a custom-designed “unicorn magical” cologne that’s sure to get anyone in the fantastical spirit. And if you're own kid is begging for a unicorn-themed birthday, Brooklyn Owl will offer packages that will turn the whole party into a herd of unicorns!

"Our goal for the retail space was to make it embody the philosophy of Brooklyn Owl, which is something along the lines of 'Be bright. Be brave. Have fun!'" Bruce said. "So we made a bright store with lots of sparkly bold colors and cute things, but also little surprises and messages meant to encourage people of all sizes."

P.S. One last thing. Did we mention these headbands aren't just for kids? Brooklyn Owl also offers horns specially designed for horses, you know, in case you wanted to fit one over your ride and fly off into the sunset on a newly-minted unicorn. Snag a unicorn horn headband for yourself, which ranges from $14 to $36, or buy a set for your pony or horse for $30 to $40.

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