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Why aren't lunches free in NYC's public schools?

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Time Out Kids contributors

It's true: NYC is ultra expensive, and beyond a free ice cream scoop or sprinkle-covered donut every once in a while, it's hard to imagine "free" and "NYC" in the same sentence. This being said, free resources for city kids do exist, and are (by far) one of the most important things our city has to offer. After all, kids are the future! The topic of discussion today is how we take care of our kids at school, and whether or not all NYC kids have enough energy to focus on their studies. Could free lunch for all city public school students be on the horizon?

Each of NYC's borough presidents recently signed a letter to Mayor de Blasio asking for budget to be used for universal free lunches in every NYC public school in 2018. Substantial meals are proven to help kids concentrate and perform academically, and this new movement could help those who choose not to accept free or discounted meals for fear of being judged by their classmates.

According to NY1, a portion of the letter sent to de Blasio contends:

"The schools that offer universal free lunch see an increased participation rate across all grade levels, including a 15 percent difference in high school, a 20 percent difference in middle schools, and a 10 percent difference in elementary schools."

What do you think? Is free lunch actually feasible in NYC public schools, and should it happen next year?

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