April events calendar for kids in NYC

Use our April events calendar to find the best NYC events for kids! You'll love these Easter events and more.
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It's finally sunny, the flowers are blooming, and our April events calendar includes so many amazing events for kids, including fantastic things to do with kids in NYC this spring and wonderful outdoor activities for kids too!

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Things to do

Five places to see the cherry blossoms in New York

The cherry blossoms are making their appearance a little early this year, and we're so ready! Celebrate the occasion with the annual Sakura Matsuri festival at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where over 60 events and activities will help families celebrate hanami (the Japanese tradition of enjoying the blossoms each year). 

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Museums, Natural history

Unseen Oceans

icon-location-pin American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side

Travel deep beneath the Ocean's surface to discover what lurks in the dark, cold depths of the sea with this special exhibit. Visitors learn about the new, cutting edge technologies like robotics, satellite monitoring, miniaturization, and high-definition imaging that scientists use to explore the ocean's vast realm. They can also see some of the new discoveries, like a new island forming near Hawaii and the behaviors of deep sea animals. The exhibit features mesmerizing displays, like a floor-to-ceiling array of biofluorescent species (animals that absorb and re-emit light) and a virtual ride in a submersible.

Photo: Courtesy Deen van Meer
Theater, Broadway

Frozen: The Broadway Musical

icon-location-pin St. James Theatre, Midtown West

For the first time in forever, Disney's "Snow Queen"-inspired movie about sisterly love and a talking snowman is coming to Broadway. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and the whole gang will turn the St. James Theater into a winter wonderland full of songs from the original soundtrack. Expect phenomenal sets and stage-magic, plus a certain Oscar-winning song to get stuck in your head.

Things to do, Exhibitions

Our Senses: An Immersive Experience

icon-location-pin American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side

Step inside the world of senses in this funhouse-like exhibtion at AMNH. There are eleven unique galleries in all. You’ll be able to explore how real our “reality” is (and what it’s shaped by.) And what our mind tells us through our different senses. Step into a room that tests your balance as the walls will appear to wave and ripple, through your feet tell you otherwise. Fly through a garden seen through the eyes of a bee or butterfly to learn how other animals experience flowers. Take a smell test and learn how what we think is one scent really is a symphony of different smells. There will also be a live presentation on why our senses are necessary for survival, how our senses are different from other animals and why human perception is unique. All ages.

Photograph: Courtesy Matt Shanley

Inside You

icon-location-pin American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side

The American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit explores the microbes, viruses, fungi and other organisms that live inside our bodies. According to the exhibit, our gastrointestinal tract is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and they can be affected by where we live, what we eat and what we touch among other factors. Learn about all about microbial genes and the important work they do to keep us alive. All ages.

Theater, Circuses & magic

Magic at Coney!!!

icon-location-pin Coney Island Museum, Brooklyn

Calling all junior magicians! Illusionists, escape artists, mentalists, and close-up magicians from all over the world will descend on the Coney Island Museum for a full afternoon of mind-blowing tricks and feats. Expect to see plenty of card tricks, levitating objects and perhaps some stuff disappearing right before your eyes. Who knows—maybe someone from your family will have the chance to become to be part of the magic if they’re picked as an assistant for a particular trick. And then catch more magic on Monday nights when the Brooklyn Cyclones treat fans to a magic show during their home games this summer. Magic at Coney performances run noon to 2pm. All ages.