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Here's how the weather will impact NYC Schools tomorrow

Here's how the weather will impact NYC Schools tomorrow
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Roman Kruglov

Although we're expecting some winter weather, kids shouldn't be thinking about snow day activities just yet. 

According to a series of tweets from the New York City Department of Education, school is indeed taking place on Monday, Dec 2. (We're sorry to break the news to you, kiddos.)

Parents, here is what you need to know about transportation for Monday: 

If your children take a yellow bus to after-school, they will not have their programs tomorrow due to weather. All other after-school activities are expected to operate normally. 

Although the DOE is urging parents and caretakers to pick their children up after school as early as possible, students will be supervised until their families arrive at school. 

No other updates to the schedule are being made as of Sunday, Dec 1 at 7:45pm. (But we're keeping our fingers crossed for the little ones!) 

Have a look at the tweets from the DOE: 

If you have youngsters who aren't thrilled with this weather report, don't sweat it! Tell them there is still plenty of time to enjoy great winter activities for kids—the season's just getting started! Pop in one of these great Christmas movies for kids and they'll forget all about the snow day that wasn't. 

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