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Last chance to catch Friday-night fireworks in Coney Island

Last chance to catch Friday-night fireworks in Coney Island
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Summer 2019 has been good to New Yorkers. But now it's time to bid the season of freedom and relaxation adieu. 

If this week's cooler temperatures didn't convince you that fall is sneaking in, tomorrow's festivities certainly will. One of our favorite Coney Island activitiesFriday-night fireworks, is scheduled for its final summer hoorah. 

Kick the long weekend off on the right foot with a trip to the boardwalk and one of your favorite kids' amusement parks. Before the pyrotechnic display takes place, stay busy with a few rides on the Cyclone and a game or two of whack a mole. (A perfect Friday evening, if you ask us.)

When it comes time to catch the show, make your way over to the boardwalk between W 10th St and W 15th St. The half-hour-long event will take place from 9:30–10pm. It might be a bit late for the wee little ones, but it'll be worth it. (Plus, they'll probably hit the hay the moment they get home—at least we hope.)

Although it's a bittersweet feeling, don't fret over summer's departure. There are plenty of fun fall activities for kids coming down the pipeline, and you'll certainly be busy. Plus, who could possibly refuse the onslaught of Halloween candy that's on its way?

Before we ready our costumes, you can find us on the boardwalk. See you tomorrow!

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