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No, I won't move to the suburbs if I have another kid—here's why

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Time Out Kids contributors

One child in a NYC bedroom is understandable—two are deemed impossible. Everywhere I go, I hear of families leaving the city because they want to have a second child. It’s understandable that they feel as though they won't have enough space.

However, for every one of these suburb-bound families, there are plenty who want to make it work in the city. Some have no choice, yet others simply have different priorities. There are lots of ways to utilize small spaces with one (or several) kids, and even more reasons to call NYC home for the long run. Here are a few of mine: 

You can't find these experiences anywhere else. Where I grew up, the options were limited; you could take swimming lessons at the YMCA or join the school band. Here, my daughter learn to surf, go to classes in however many languages I can imagine and visit friends from all over the world—all in one afternoon. It's a wonderful place for her to set up her roots. 

NYC is the best backyard out there. Sure backyards are great, but I could never have one like Prospect Park. There's room for so many amazing adventures here. Let's not forget about the wildlife, boats, ice skating, birds and most importantly, hiking and ice cream in the same hour. We ski in the park, head to the bodega on the way home and never need to get in a car. Imagine going carless in the suburbs! 

The silent communion is powerful. In the city, you can be all alone without being lonely. Everywhere I go, I see other moms and we talk—or we don’t—but we are all on the same team. We see each other in line at the corner store, at the library and even on the sidewalk in front our apartments. There is something about an urban environment where everyone is close together that encourages a type of silent communion. We watch out for one another without even knowing each other’s names. 

Whether you're in NYC permanently or just visiting on your day off, there's plenty to enjoy. Take the family to one of these Broadway shows for kids, grab a bite to eat at one of these fun restaurants or take advantage of these kids' attractions

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By Shelly Schoen-Rene. Shelly is publisher, writer, consultant and head community builder at She lives in Brooklyn with her family and plans to stay there indefinitely.

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