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NYC might be legalizing electric scooters

NYC might be legalizing electric scooters
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There's a lot to love about NYC, but getting around the five boroughs isn't necessarily one of them. 

Transportation can be a bit chaotic at times, especially in the wake of the L train debacle, the cap on ride-hailing services and the typical delays and rerouted lines. Business as usual, right? 

Two council members are proposing an alternative to our commuting woes, and should their plans come to fruition, you might want to grab a helmet—you're going to feel like a little kid again! Rafael Espinal and Ydanis Rodriguez's recent op-ed for the New York Daily News details their plans to introduce legislation for the approval of electric scooters on NYC streets (which are currently illegal, according to The New York Times). 

Think about it: Our kiddies complain about walking to and from neighborhood pitstops and prefer to zoom around on their non-motorized/Razor scooters, but a ride on one of these pumps up the action ten-fold! We assume they'll definitely be asking for a ride (that is, until they're old enough to operate one).

The council members go into detail about apps like Bird and Lime, scooter rental services that could be a reality for New Yorkers. Users will be able to rent a scooter for $1 and pay 15 cents for each minute they use it. Need to get to dinner? Running late to after-school pick-up? You could very well be hopping on a scooter. 

What do you think? Are you for the electric scooters, or will you stick with Uber and your bicycle?

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