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The whole family will love Dome Playground's new renovations

The whole family will love Dome Playground's new renovations
Photograph: Courtesy Brad Lander

Every child in NYC deserves a great outdoor spot where they can spend warm afternoons. 

Now little Brooklynites—and even their parents—can revel in the improvements at Dome Playground in Kensington. Two years ago, new equipment such as swings and slides were installed at the venue, according to BKLYNER, but just last week, the nearly $4 million project was complete with updated courts. 

"These playgrounds are great places for neighbors to gather and kids to play, and the recently completed improvements will make these spaces more accessible, safe and fun," Council Member Brad Lander said in a statement from the NYC Parks Department. 

Just in time for summer fun, kiddies can gather a group of friends for a game of horse in the refurbished basketball court. If they're not up for a round of bball, they can get back to basics at the new handball court. Good news for mom and dad, too. You can get in on the action with an adult fitness area—really packing in the activities for your visit. 

When you take your next stroll to the grounds, be mindful of the hard work and push from Friends of Dome Playground, who fought to make their concerns known. 

See you there! Don't forget the basketball.

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