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This pop-up inspired by the movie Big is only here today

Danielle Valente

Though 12-year-old Josh Baskin was able to journey 18 years into the future, one e-commerce furniture company is taking a step back in time with a fun pop-up exhibit.  

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved film Big—where young Josh morphs into an adult with a MacMillen toy store job, love interest and grown-up problems to boot—Zinus will host a pop-up that mimics the movie's iconic apartment—bunk beds, basketball hoops and all. 

The catch? You only have one day to experience this IRL cinematic masterpiece. Until 7pm, fans will be able to head downtown to 873 Broadway to feel like they're Josh themselves. When you're not taking in scenes from the iconic film, try playing a few tunes with your feet on the giant piano or see if you can get a better pinball score than your friends. 

"The film epitomizes the wonder of childhood and playfulness,” Darren Wilson, vice president of marketing of Zinus said in a statement. “From our mattresses as comfortable as marshmallows and bed frames that snap together in seconds, we’re dedicated to making all bedrooms a place to unwind and allow for the marvel of your dreams to take over.”

You can even learn how to score a Big-inspired bunk bed while you're at the event (a win-win situation, if we're being honest). Don't forget to hashtag your experience online with #ZinusLivesBIG. 

873 Broadway (

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