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Visit this brand new Park Slope candy store with hard-to-find sweets

Visit this brand new Park Slope candy store with hard-to-find sweets
Photograph: Courtesy Fferins of Brooklyn

Ready your sweet tooth, NYC.

Fferins of Brooklyn just debuted in South Slope, and it's spicing up the typical confectionary options we've come to expect. While catering to the local flair—currently offering ice cream from Blue Marble, Raaka chocolate from Red Hook—the candy store also looks to expand its selections to not-so-available treats. 

"My partner is from the U.K. and we couldn't find certain items here that we missed. We all lived there until a couple of years ago and that's sort of where the idea and inspiration came from," owner Lindsay McGrath says of her business.

Though the shop is still in the process of importing a chunk of its merchandise, she says the goal is to feature candies such as the full line of Cadbury Chocolate, Starbar, Maltesers, Teacakes and an assortment of other old-school treats—one's that might necessarily be on everyone's radar. "We want to give them [customers] an experience they might not have otherwise had," McGrath adds.  

Photograph: Courtesy Fferins of Brooklyn

Kiddos can satisfy their sugar highs with a pick-and-mix deal ($6.75 for 1/2 lb.) with rock candy, gummies, Swedish Fish and more items they love. Plus, there's a lot to look forward to down the road with the promise of catering aspect and birthday parties, though final details are still in the works. For now, McGrath and her partner are looking for residents' input to see what snacks they're craving most. They welcome visitors to send suggestions (fferinsofbrooklyn@gmail.com, 718-788-5788) of what they'd like to see on the shelves. 

"We're trying to set up a business with ties to the community and a family business for ourselves and for our kids to be involved in," McGrath says. 

Sounds like we're going to have to stop by for a bite! Happy snacking, Brooklyn. 

Fferins of Brooklyn, South Slope (Facebook.com/Fferins/). 

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