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Photograph: Courtesy Sugar Factory

The best rainbow foods in New York City

If you haven't tried NYC's delectable rainbow foods, you're certainly missing out on some sweet treats (and photo ops)

Written by
Dorkys Ramos
Danielle Valente

It's not only important for food to taste good, it needs to look good, too—especially if you have kiddies in tow. 

NYC's most eccentric rainbow foods are proof that the best meals are also the prettiest. From out-of-control shakes at Black Tap to chocolate chip cookies with a twist at Baked in Color, rainbow food is the hot new sensation that requires a taste...and perhaps a photo or two on Instagram. 

When you're not munching at our go-to family restaurants or searching for sweets at the city's best candy stores, it's essential that you make a rainbow treats checklist—it'll be a whimiscal, delightful experience for your tastebuds (trust us). 

Happy snacking, NYC! Save us a cookie or two! 

Once tummies are satisfied, make sure you plan a bunch of fun things to do with kids—our recs will keep you busy long after the food runs out. 

Best rainbow food in NYC

The Bagel Store

Bagels are an essential source in every New Yorker's diet, and Gotham's breakfast staple is even more irresistible with a colorful twist. The Bagel Store's rainbow-hued dough could be mistaken for a dessert, especially when you add a dollop of cream cheese with Funfetti cake sprinkles to your whimsical dish. No complaints, here—we very much enjoy breakfast and dessert. Prices range from $3.95–$4.25. Note that the store is currently changing locations. Find out more onlineThe Bagel Store, Williamsburg ( 

Milk Bar

We can't help but turn to Milk Bar when we have a hankering for something delicious. Not only is the sweets sensation a go-to for its cereal milk swirl ice cream, but its cakes are not to be missed. What better way to say "Happy Birthday" (or, you know, "Happy Tuesday") than with a delicious vanilla rainbow cake? This popular item is layered with rainbow cake crumbs and finished with vanilla frosting, which adds the perfect touch. If you have a few tasty creations up your sleeve, custom orders are also available for an additional cost. The Rainbow Cake starts at $50.50. Milk Bar, various locations (


Baked by Melissa

It's obvious that the rainbow cupcake is a huge part of Baked by Melissa’s brand: It’s the dessert company’s logo and one of the signature flavors that launched it to delicious success. The bite-sized treat is made with tie-dye vanilla cake and topped with vanilla icing and rainbow sugar crystals. You can knock ‘em back one piece at a time or indulge your inner glutton with The Psychedelic, a 25-pack of those little sweeties. Trays of cupcakes start at $28. Baked By Melissa, various locations ( 

Mia's Bakery

The Cobble Hill sweet shop doesn't disappoint. With delectable cookies, pastries and cakes, this Smith Street staple makes for a great afternoon pitstop. Its gorgeous, whimsical cake is as sweet as it looks, and with each layer dedicated to the colors of the rainbow, it earns a spot on our list of must-try desserts. Mia's Bakery, Cobble Hill ( 


Dana's Bakery

No one can say no to a black and white cookie. Biting into a multi-colored rainbow filling just makes the experience all the more delightful. Plus, the sweets from Dana's Bakery are gluten-free and kosher. We think a box of these babies (six for $27) will make your child's next playdate a complete success. Pass the milk! Dana's Bakery, various locations ( 

Baked in Color

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk? Baked in Color turns the classic snack on its head and offers a range of colorful, rainbow hues (various prices). Imagine what the milk will look like when you start to dunk! If you're feeling adventurous, the shop also sells rainbow Oreo brownie cookies squares—your favorite dessert mashed into one delightful offering. Baked in Color, various locations ( 


The End

The End’s lattes not only look beautiful, but they won’t make you feel terribly guilty for indulging. The Merbabe Latte—a must for all mermaids—features a berry and coconut twist that fights common pitfalls we face throughout the day, such as fatigue. You'll love the neon-esque drink for its taste and its appearance, which comes complete with a cute fin. While making a pitstop to this Brooklyn outpost, make sure to take a good look at the shop's inventive menu, which features other vibrant drinks (various prices) such as the Purple Amethyst Latte and the Unicorn Latte—gorgeous treats that will never go out of style. These babies boast amino acids and nutrients you need, so you won't need any convinicing to stop by in the morning. The End, Williamsburg (

Black Tap

You’ve probably seen Black Tap's insane milkshake creations pop up on your Instagram feed. It’s hard to believe that these are even edible, but thank goodness they are! While the restaurant has a menu of classic shakes ($9), you can just gloss right over those and browse through what you’re really there for: crazy shakes ($15). Our money's on the Sour Power, a black cherry shake with a vanilla frosted rim and sour gummi poppers and topped with a Pixy Stix, rainbow pop, sour skewer, whipped cream and Nerds. Hurry to the Lower East Side location for The Cake Shake, which includes a vanilla frosted rim, rainbow sprinkles, funfetti cake slice and whipped cream. These bad boys are available in limited quantities each day. Black Tap, various locations (


Sugar Factory

Burgers just got a whole lot more fun. Folks will get a kick out of the colorful buns on Sugar Factory’s Rainbow Sliders ($25). The meal comes with five Angus beef sliders with melted American cheese on a toasted rainbow brioche roll and topped with Sugar Factory’s special sauce. Then pair those Rainbow Sliders with any one of the decadent milkshakes on the menu. The Tie Dye Milkshake ($19) features vanilla ice cream with red, blue, green and yellow white chocolate ganache topped with whipped cream, Pop Rocks, cotton candy, a necklace candy and rainbow sprinkles. Whew! Are you game for this colorful, delicious meal? Various locations (

The Cinnamon Snail

If you have a doughnut lover in your life, they will get more than they bargained for with this treat. The Cinnamon Snail’s Inception Donuts ($7.50) are filled with fresh maple raspberry filling and then decorated with donuts that are then decorated with even more donuts! The baked doesn’t offer them on the daily because creating them is labor intensive, but check their social media accounts for a heads up on when these special occasion treats are up for grabs. Follow along on for updates on bakery offerings. The Cinnamon Snail, various locations (

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