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Photograph: Courtesy Escape the Room

The best escape rooms for kids in NYC

These escape rooms for kids offer interesting themes and challenges of varying difficulty to keep 'em busy!

By Allie Early

These fantastic escape rooms for kids offer themed challenges that no kid—even your teens—can resist! New York's biggest new family entertainment trend lets you, your kids (and their friends, if you're brave enough to invite even more adventurers) strategize to escape from a thief's house, help a space ship make its way home and even basically pretend to be Indian Jones right here in the city. While some escape rooms are better suited for an older crowd, these picks are perfect for visitors of most ages. Read on for our recommendations!

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Best escape rooms for kids

Photograph: Courtesy Escape Virtuality

1. Escape Virtuality

Things to do Games and hobbies Chelsea

Think you have what it takes to make it out of the jungle safely? Feel confident that you take on a few ghosts? No matter what adventure you opt for, you're sure to have a thrilling experience at Escape Virtuality, NYC's new VR and escape room haven. This fully-immersive activity is great for families who want to work together on a heart-racing challenge. But be forewarned: It's probably best for the tweens and teens in your crew.  

Photograph: Courtesy Mission Escape Games

2. Mission Escape Games

Attractions Lower East Side

With four rooms to escape from (each puzzle must be solved in 60 minutes), Mission Escape Games is perfect for families in need of a challenge. If you work together, you'll be able to use clues around the room to free yourselves, but you'll have to work quickly before time's up. All ages.

Photograph: Courtesy Hoodwinked Escape

3. Hoodwinked Escape

Things to do Games and hobbies Harlem

At this Harlem escape room, games have their own story and difficulty level so you know whether or not you're biting off more than you can chew (but trust us, they're all a challenge!) The easiest is Spirit of Harlem, where your late uncle Audobon has left you the Crown Jewels of Harlem, but you must find them and escape to keep them! Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. All ages.

Photograph: Courtesy Escape Games

4. Escape Games

Things to do Games and hobbies Tribeca

Choose from four options at Escape Games, including Detective Story, The Experiment, Outer Space and John Doe. Outer Space is our pick for kids, offering a 60-minute challenge where players help a spaceship get back on track after a daunting mishap. Childen under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Photograph: Courtesy Escape the Room

5. Escape the Room NYC

Things to do Flatiron

Love a challenge? Visit the "Escape Lair" and try one of Escape the Room NYC's five Midtown challenges, including The Dig, an eight-person adventure akin to one of the Indiana Jones movies, or The Home, a Victorian-themed mystery for six players. All games allow 60 minutes to unlock your freedom! Additional location at 107 Suffolk St. All ages.

Photograph: Courtesy Clue Chase

6. Clue Chase

Things to do Games and hobbies Midtown West

While all of the rooms are a challenge at Clue Chase (that's the whole point!), NYC's largest escape room space, start youngsters out with Ultimate Heist (the site says 8/10 difficulty) for the best chance of success. Inside, guests attempt to retrieve a previous artifact from The Fox, a successful (and well-protected) thief. Other themes include The Lost Spy, Alien Encounter and Egyptian Tomb. The site warns that while unlikely, Egyptian Tombs may frighten the youngest players. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Ages 8 and up.

Komnata Quest
Photograph: Courtesy Polina Matveeva

7. Komnata Quest Escape the Room Games

Things to do Greenpoint

A venue that hosts immersive adventure escape games in Brooklyn? Don't say we didn't tell you. Komnata Quest Escape the Room Games offers players a chance to step inside a fully animated world, with themes ranging from detective stories to those about Franenstein and a post-nuclear vault (check out the kid-friendly rooms tab on the website for your kids and tweens). Additional location at 160 Pearl St. Ages 12 or 14 and up depending on room.

Photograph: Courtesy The Escape Game New York

8. The Escape Game New York

Things to do Midtown

Curious about life on another planet? Wondering how you'd manage in an alternate universe? Head to The Escape Game New York to find out! The immersive experience offers a thrilling adventure for all those who visit. Its five escape rooms vary in theme—Rule the School Playground, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, to name a few. No matter which option you select, you're in for a challenging and invigorating task. Note that unless you book an entire room, you'll be matched with other players. Ages 13 and up, guardians 18 and up must be present with children 14 and under. 


9. Exit Escape Room

Things to do Games and hobbies Midtown West

Choose from two escape games at Exit Escape Room. The minimum number of players is two, though the more the merrier when trying to solve these intruguing puzzles! High Speed NYC (a room with a 7.5/10 difficulty level) allows players to board a runaway train to Central Park, try to activate the emergency systems to stop it and save the day! Ages 10 or 12 and up depending on room


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