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Help protest City Hall's budget cuts to the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium

Bear cubs at the Bronx Zoo

Bear cubs at the Bronx Zoo Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

Staring down a potential fiscal crisis, Mayor Bloomberg announced $68.7 billion worth of cuts last month. Sure, it happens every year, as the powers that be do what they have to meet their legal obligation to balance the city's budget, but this time the measure includes a whopping 58 percent cut to the city's funding of the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium, two spots we cherish for their dedication to wildlife conservation and their impossibly adorable animals, babies included. While it's a proposal that neither institution finds very funny, the Bronx Zoo has come up with quite the amusing video (see below) to drum up opposition to the cuts, featuring a pygmy marmoset that gets its hands on an actual iPad. What can you do to help? Visit wcs.org/cityhall, the zoo's special Web page, and sign a petition urging the city to find cuts elsewhere.

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