Timeout New York Kids

Make the most of your city

In the jungle out there, our kids don't sweat

null Thanks to the fiery summer storm that rattled New York's skies last night, most of us arrived at the office today with commuting horror stories. Flooded apartments, broken air conditioning systems in severely delayed subways, and high-strung crowds were just some of the obstacles that stood in the way of working New Yorkers and their respective destinations. Standing inside a jam-packed subway car in 90-degree heat will test anyone's limits of politeness. As one of us observed this morning, the only civilly behaving population amidst this morning's commute nightmare seemed to be the age-ten-and-under crowd. As their elders were frowning, sighing, grunting and shoving one another on an uptown-bound E train, a pair of elementary schoolers was politely passing a juice box between themselves. The best part? The heat and surrounding stress didn't seem to affect their willingness to smile, giggle and observe their surroundings. Yes, at times it's easier said than done; but we really can learn a lot from our kids.
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