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Issue of the week: Is Manhattan becoming a gated community?

We're still reeling from a Friday Metro article from the NYTimes ("In Surge in Manhattan Toddlers, Rich White Families Lead the Way") [registration required]—it was the talk of the 9th Street Playground in Prospect Park this weekend. (Ironically, that's another place where rich white families have been known to lead the way from time to time.) The article was confounding in a number of ways, since it seemed to focus more on the idea that Manhattan had morphed from a hedonistic Sex & the City playground to a "vanilla version" of the Wonder Years. Does anyone not know that Manhattan is kid-friendly these days? Sheesh. You have to scroll down the the fourth paragraph to learn that white Manhattan parents of toddlers now make a mind-blowing median income of $284,208. That's nearly double what well-heeled white parents in San Francisco make, and exponentially more than the earnings of minority parents in the city. (The article notes, almost in passing, that "the median income of other Manhattan households with toddlers was $66,213 for Asians, $31,171 for blacks and $25,467 for Hispanics.") Which, as far as we're concerned, is the bonechilling news—especially since the (presumably affluent) parents quoted in the article all said they wanted to raise their families in Manhattan because of the—wait for it—"diversity." For those of us who fall somewhat below this staggering income level, it's enough to make us longingly ponder MLS listings in Connecticut, New Jersey...maybe even Nebraska. What do you think? Please post reactions below.

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