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Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate is having an affair

picture-1Jon and his mistress
I'm a romantic, so when I heard the rumors of an affair between Jon Gosselin and a mysterious lady friend, I refused to believe them. A few snapshots of him and a chick at a bar weren't enough to convince me; I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, the suspicions have now been confirmed in the latest issue of Us Weekly. The girl we've been seeing in all the tabloid photos is Deanna Hummel, a 23-year-old third grade school teacher, who's been hanging around the Gosselins' home while Kate was away promoting her book. Tacky! Hummel's brother, Jason, has come out of the woodwork in an effort to expose the affair and "protect" his sister. Nice job, Jason. He's dishing out some interesting information on the pair, including some inside knowledge of their apparently very sexual relationship: "A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let's just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who's, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast." It makes me really sad to see a marriage fall apart, especially when there are eight children involved. It will be interesting to hear what Jon—and Kate, for that matter—have to say when they eventually release their own public statements on the issue. I'll try and reserve my judgments until I hear it from the horses mouth—instead of someone likely trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame. Who rats his sister out, anyways?
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