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LeapFrog releases iPhone apps for kids

leapfrog Ask any kid and he'll tell you: Daddy's iPhone is really Junior's plaything. Well, Papa no longer needs to have a panic attack when he spies his son messing with his cell. This week, LeapFrog launched a line of iPhone apps that cater to the sandbox set. The first of several planned learning games, "Number Rumble" invites 6 to 10-year-olds to shake, tap and spin their way to mathematical mastery on the iPhone. The game opens with a fill-in-the-blank query. Once completed, kids shake the iPhone to move on to the next puzzler. Unlike a real math quiz, though, kids can shake past the questions they don't know how to answer. Score! The lack of annoying sounds is, forgive me, a plus. I'm well beyond gradeschool and yet I had a blast getting jiggy with it. Education doesn't come cheap though: LeapFrog is charging $2.99 for the application at the Apple store . On the bright side, your newly numbers-minded kid will be able to figure out how much of his allowance the app eats up.
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