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Oh, for the love of obesity.

Have you guys seen today's New York Times? They ran this article about a Florida county that is bribing rewarding its elementary school kids with fast food. I kid you not. Seminole County has partnered with McDonald's of all places to reward kids who get good grades with Happy Meals.


One woman quoted in the article says, "Turning report cards into ads for McDonald's undermines parents' efforts to encourage healthy eating."

For now, there are no plans to expand the program nationally, so no need to worry about seeing a burger and fries in your kid's backpack come the end of the quarter.

Still, when obesity is such a big issue for today's youth--more than 25 million kids and teens are considered overweight or nearly overweight--doesn't this partnership strike you as a bit backward? Is fast food really an appropriate reward for straight A's? What do you think?

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