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The gift of sex: Could you swing it?

Coming up with heartfelt presents for your significant other is a difficult task—which is why one woman, Charla Muller, decided that for her husband's 40th birthday she would give him the ultimate gift: 365 days of sex. The concept is a pretty good one, I'll admit. However, the couple created ground rules including "either party could decline on any occasion," which, in my opinion, kind of defeats the purpose. Muller wrote a book about her year of hanky panky called 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy, in which she notes that the arrangement took the pressure off of their date nights, and ultimately made them closer and more connected. Also of note is this statement by psychologist Linda Blair: "Couples who stay together after [their] children leave are generally those who have good sex lives while the children are at home." Would you ever offer an entire year of sex as a gift to your spouse?

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