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Tough-Shelled Turtle Lovers

null American youth frequently gets labeled as politically apathetic. Political and environmental crises are in the forefront of grown-up minds, Internet browsers and airwaves, but for whatever reason, teenagers and college students often seem too distracted or too overwhelmed to react, let alone form their own movements. Perhaps our teenagers should look to Canada's Peterborough County for inspiration. A local group of kids who call themselves 'Kids 4 Turtles' are protesting in an organized manner after the Peterborough County Council has refused to replace stolen or damaged "Turtle Crossing"-signs. In 2001, Kids 4 Turtles led the initiative to install the original signage that the council now finds too distracting to drivers and too confusing in its design. 13-year-old Cameron McNabb published a thorough editorial in the Peterborough Examiner last Thursday, and this Wednesday his organization plans to attend the county council meeting. He has secured funding for new signs from the Toronto Zoo, drafted a new design ("if there is a need to make a less confusing image for adults," he wrote in the editorial) and contacted several conservation organizations in hopes of finding larger-scale supervision to the issue at hand. "If we are not allowed to speak we will lead a silent and dignified protest at the county meeting," he stated in a press release. Our vote goes out to Kids 4 Turtles. Not to place additional pressure on Cameron, but we have an inkling that turtles won't be the only ones benefiting from his activism in the future.
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