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"Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District" opens on Wednesday, July 25 at the Skyscraper Museum

"Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District"

"Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District"

NYC may be the city that's always reinventing itself, but one visit to the Skyscraper Museum's latest exhibition, "Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District," reveals some little-known history beneath the bustling surface. "Urban Fabric" teaches visitors about the Garment District skyscrapers on Seventh Avenue that once housed the city's clothing manufacturing industry. Built in the 1920s, these high-rise lofts contained factories that produced almost all women's and children's apparel nationwide and featured a unique, pyramid-shaped architectural style. The exhibit explores these historic structures and describes the history of the Garment District and its role in manufacturing. One of the best ways for kids to take in the show is at , the family program on August 11. Participants will learn about the Garment District from a kid-friendly point of view, and can take part in creative activities pertaining to the design of factory buildings. Not only will mini architects get to design and build their own model factories and even play manufacturer, they'll get to decide which products their factory will make while supervising their production. 

"Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District" is on view at the Skyscraper Museum from July 25 through January 20, 2013.

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