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You Must Be My Lucky School

As Madonna’s quickie divorce comes to a (relatively) discreet close, rumors are swirling about her impending return to New York with the kids. And what’s the first thing any mom—especially a material one—needs to investigate? The school situation of course.
Madge, if I may be so bold, here are some suggestions:
The Earth School/P.S. 364: Take your kids back to your East Village roots. The parent body is made up of artist types and the kids get to call the teachers by their first names. We’re sure that they’d welcome a parent chat-and-chew on Kabbalah. And, when it comes to donation time, a mere $100 will seem generous at this grassroots institution.
P.S. 199 Jesse Isador Straus School: Solid school with excellent academics, located near your pad at 64th and Central Park South.  This choice makes your life--and their playdates—pretty convenient.
United Nations International School: If you’re gonna go private, best to go with the most global school on the planet. 117 countries are represented in its student body so no one is an outsider. The compound feel--the school is surrounded by tall gates and UN security detail--will keep your brood from being hounded by gawkers—or Gawker for that matter.
Home-school: Do you have the patience for this? If so, you’re in the best city in the world to take on the task. And, when the music calls, there are plenty of home-school teachers to pitch in.
Happy hunting, Madonna! We’ve all been there.

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