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There’s a terrifying graffiti mural of clowns in NYC

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

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Ah, fall, the season where there are terrifying Halloween stores, posters and movie trailers everywhere you turn. Now imagine walking down an innocent NYC street, minding your own business while admiring the fall foliage beginning to change colors and oh, look, there’s a black cat—how adorable. Then bam—a massive graffiti mural of a scary clown with garish makeup looms over you. Fun stuff, right?  

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If you’re into being tortured, er, having some good old Halloween fun, you can find this mural in Long Island City on Vernon Boulevard in the 40s. It’s been making appearances all over Instagram just in time for the release of Stephen King’s It, a movie you would avoid if you were a sensible human being who likes sleeping at night.

If not (and if you’re still intrigued by the mysterious red balloons that keep popping up) now seems like a good time to remind you that they never really solved the mystery of the scary clowns haunting the country last fall.

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