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Photograph: Noah Fecks

Time Out Market Drink of the Day: Ghost Donkey

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Time Out New York editors

The Time Out Market has three bars—we hate having to walk too far for a drink. And whether you're kicking back around our stage's local musical acts and comedy shows, or downstairs in the thick of the hungry throng, you'll probably want to imbibe while you do it.

That's why we're collaborating with our Time Out Bar Award winner, Ignacio “Nacho” Jimenez from Ghost Donkey. Jimenez' drink, Lil' Loco—Dorothy Parker gin, Kümmel liqueur, tomatillo-serrano sherbet, lime and celery—has the same high energy that sent us flying at his celebrated tequila and mezcal bar near the Bowery.  

You know the green light at the end of The Great Gatsby, that's simultaneously a metaphor for Gatsby's love of Daisy, his obsession with money and the American Dream? This glowing orb of a cocktail beckons us in a similar way. 

For those days when when you look back and realize you've only consumed a roster of different carbs all day, the green cocktail offers something light and fresh to cut the richness of poor meal planning. A crunchy tomatillo garnish and celery mixed-in allows us to feign to our stomaches that we're consuming a liquid salad, while actually enjoying a perfectly sweet and tart alcoholic bev.  

At Time Out, we cover the New York bar scene with as much scrutiny and passion as we do our restaurants. That’s because we know that a truly spectacular watering hole is a rare and treasured thing. What we love about the Time Out Market, among many things, is the ability to mix and match. Pair Bessou's perfectly crispy and juicy chicken karaage or Juliana's iconic margherita pizza with Lil' Coco; it comes with a complimentary view, you won't want to miss. And if that ain't the American Dream, well, we'll keep looking out for that green light...

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