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Rosé vodka is now a thing and it has us feeling all sorts of ways

Alyson Penn

Hangar 1 just released a chimera of millennial boozy basic-ness: part rosé and part vodka. And while mashing two things together in a pretty way is a common marketing move, we had a few questions when we first heard about this roska: How the hell do you drink it? When do you drink it? Who do you drink it with? Why do you drink it? And, most important, is it more rosyay, or is it more vodka?

Because let's be real, there are times for rosé and times for vodka. You drink rosé for summer dinners outdoors, girls' nights indoors and boozy brunch anywhere. Vodka times are better suited to hookup bars

And while the 60-proof bottle is described as "vodka blended with 5 percent California rosé wine," it lets you know that this won't be your typical Sunday afternoon glass. However, the team also likens it to something you would find in a wine bar, noting its "floral" aroma and "silky" mouthfeel. So naturally, we set up shots around the office to get to the bottom of this. The general conclusion from our taste test? It's definitely vodka with a hint of sweetness from the rosé. But we were of two minds about the drink: 

Us: "Pretty enough to post on Instagram."
Also us: "Strong enough to drink in the club."
Us: "The fragrance gives a nice introduction."
Also us: "It's not the worst thing I put in my mouth."
Us: "I like the subtle sweetness."
Also us: "Gets you turnt."
Us: "A little on the sugary side." 
Also us: "Gag me!"
Us: "I would drink it with a mixer in the warmer months."
Also us: "I accept that this is happening, but eh." 
Us: "Rosé makes everything better."
Also us: "I want more vodka in my vodka."
Us: "It's floral."
Also us: "Like mouthwash."

And of course, one of our reviewers encapsulated it as only a New Yorker can: "It tastes like vodka with a Manischewitz chaser."

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