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29Rooms 2021 in NYC guide

29Rooms—Refinery29’s immersive art-exhibition-slash-funhouse—has been postponed


NYC is the original host to 29Rooms—Refinery29’s stellar and interactive exhibition featuring 29 rooms designed by retail brands, artists, celebrities and other creatives. Located inside an abandoned building somewhere in New York, the annual event is one of the most Instagrammed New York attractions of the year. For more information on this immersive funhouse, we’ve provided all the essential details including how to snag tickets below. When you visit, make sure to linger in the nabe and discover all the incredible things to do in Brooklyn as well.

Unfortunately, for 2021, the event has been postponed.

"After much thought and careful consideration, we have decided to postpone 29Rooms this December to prioritize the safety of our guests and staff," the company said in a statement. "With the continued rise of the delta variant and the increase in positive cases amongst fully vaccinated people, we no longer feel that we can give our guests the true 29Rooms adventure without the addition of extreme safety measures that would dilute the event. While we're sad that we won't be able to reconnect with our fans this year, we're looking forward to bringing to life an elevated and interactive 29Rooms experience in 2022 that we're confident will be well worth the wait."

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When is 29Rooms?

The call-to-action for this year's 29Rooms was "make contact". The event had been set for December.

Where is 29Rooms?

This year's location will once again be in Brooklyn, New York. The exact address is TBA. 

How do I get to 29Rooms?

More details about the location and how to get there will be provided soon! 

How do I get tickets to 29Rooms?

For more information, including where to score tickets, visit www.refinery29.com/29rooms